Stencil Lab

Add another level to your live screen printing activation with our signature stencil lab! We create custom stencils to compliment the screen print designs.

Watch How It Works!

Guests choose a stencil then our staff sprays the design onto the poster in seconds. We use a revolutionary, high quality spray paint product created with your health and our environment in mind that boasts lower volatile organic compounds than any other aerosol paint product on the market.

Add-On Package Pricing

$215/hour with a live screen printing package.

Package includes 2 Soul & Ink artists, custom stencils, paper for up to approximately 40 prints per hour, spray paint, signage, and 2 plastic table cloths.

Each print takes 3-5 minutes to create depending on the complexity and number of stencils used. Please note: Proper ventilation is required. This add-on only applies to posters.

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