National Cherry Blossom Festival Pink Tie Gala

To kick off spring on March 15, 2018 we participated in the National Cherry Blossom Festival Pink Tie Event at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. This annual event host over 800 influences and trendsetters from all over. The event was jammed packed full over fun from DJ sets, live performances, live painting, and a Soul & Ink live activation.  

Soul & Ink custom designed four different tote bags for the Cherry Blossom Festival. When guest arrived they were invited to take a personality quiz and based off of the results they received one of the four personality based designs: Art, Music, Play or Blossom. Participants received quiz results complete with recommendations to upcoming festival events that fit within their personality theme! How cool is that?

The “Play” personality was based on one that enjoys a “sport” with their blossoms. From running around the Tidal Basin to hitting the courts, this personality will enjoy the Inaugural Tennis Challenge or the Oversized Games at Petalpalooza.

While the creative “Art” personality is mindful of the creative “fruits” that the blossoms inspire. Drawn to the visual appeal of world-class exhibits and never worried about getting their hands dirty this Festival participant will enjoy events like the Cherry Blast feature ARTECHOUSE or Festival Day at Freer|Sackler Gallery.

The “Music” personality seeks to be entertained by the aural performances that abound during the Festival. There’s no shortage of experiences for this lyrical lover; from jazz to rock, locally-sourced performers to international touring stars, you can find this Festival-goer at the Blossom Bash or at the Free Performances at the Tidal Basin Stage. The “Blossom” personality is just here to soak in all the culture.

Overall this event was a huge success and we would like to thank the National Cherry Blossom Festival committee for inviting us to activate the Pink Tie Gala. It was truly an honor to be apart of this amazing event.