Introducing Our Mentorship Program

Moses Rivera, Creative Director of BeMoShe, representing Soul & Ink at the SoHy Skate Show

Moses Rivera, Creative Director of BeMoShe, representing Soul & Ink at the SoHy Skate Show

We are proud to announce that we have initiated a summer mentorship program inspired by husband & wife team Moses Rivera and Sheila Abellano of BeMoShe. We see a lot of potential in their style & brand and connect with their work ethic and journey, so we decided to offer them a 3 month mentorship! BeMoShe is a lifestyle clothing line for babies, toddlers, moms, dads, & ANYONE who loves to be trendy, fun and fashionable. BeMoShe is coined after their young creative family, including their muses - 4 year old son Benicio, baby bro Maximo, husband & Creative Director Moses, and wife & Momtrepeneur extraordinaire Sheila Abellano. They specialize in hand drawn and screen printed, small batch runs of the cutest tees for the tiniest. We love their clean designs for the babies! Expect to see many more collaborations to come...

Soul & Ink will also be offering a fall mentorship program. Inquire within if interested with subject line: Fall Mentorship, including a link to your portfolio, CV and artist statement.

What to Expect from a Soul & Ink Mentorship

  1. Gain in-studio working knowledge of the screen printing process and troubleshooting.
  2. Gain working, practical knowledge of on-site live screen printing.
  3. Learn how to build and grow customer relations & opportunities.
  4. Gain insight on technical studio practices such as how to use Adobe Creative Cloud, work flow, and invoicing/administrative organizational processes.
  5. Learn and collaborate on marketing and branding guidelines, building brand identity.
  6. Access to our wide range of creative and professional resources.

Mentees are welcome to use our studio equipment for personal projects 4-8 hours a week. Once the mentorship is completed, there may be possibility for further opportunities.