Behind the Scenes + Inside the Studio

Behind the Scenes + Inside the Studio

We recently had the pleasure of working with two amazing talents Erika Layne of Erika Layne Photography & Design and Cayce Carlisle of Little Miss Whoopie, the collaboration took us to new heights. In the studio, we created a funky new look for a Little Miss Whoopie brand boost! Take a look at what we crafted together. We took a moment to dig deeper and chat about what drives and inspires these powerhouses.

Year In Review: A Look Back

Thanks to you 2016 has been a successful year of artistic collaborations and steady expansion. 


When clients asked if we can make an idea work, we say YES! It opens doors and keeps things exciting. The results raise the bar each time, creating a new activation concept for live screen printing. We rung in 2016 with a week at 9:30 Club's World Fair, pushed boundaries in May as featured artists at the Smithsonian APA's CrossLines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality, and collaborated with Freer | Sackler Gallery for Chinamania in July. 

New Services

In February, when our clients at luxury event team Evoke asked if we can airbrush kicks, design & live print tees, and create an event logo for a Bar Mitzvah we said YES! The result? We now have more quality services to offer our clients including in studio printing, logos, promotions, custom shoes and even company retreat workshops. View our new & improved services list here


This Spring, we partnered with our community of artists from DC, Cali and Japan for the launch of our first streetwear line, KRU 2016: The Artist CollectionA collaborative tribute to culture, freedom, and artists who strive to not only satisfy their appetite for creative expression, but to also be the face of change while doing so. 

Travel Abroad

When a client called and asked if we travel internationally, we said YES! During the month of September, we traveled to Germany and New York for dmexco and Advertising Week to give users a chance to make a personalized t-shirt using IBM Watson cognitive technology. Learn more here

Social Justice & Community

We were thrilled to work on so many projects that involved helping a great cause including Safe Summers for PG Parks and Recreations, Wake the Vote on Election night in North Carolina, printing tees for artivist Kate Dececcio, events for the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity for A Space to DreamUncensored DC, and Phife is Living. It is our mission to continue doing work for social justice and with the community. 


When guests asked us if they could try, we said YES! We went back to the lab and crafted a portable 6 station workshop press and held a soft launch at DC Design Week. To close out the year and support local, we teamed up with the District's newest distilleries and bars to introduce fun hands-on workshops called Drink & Ink. Join us for more in January and February here.

Looking Forward

For 2017, we are focused on a year of travel, work on the social justice front and exploring more in streetwear. We'll continue to strive to meet your creative needs and hope to reach above and beyond. Thank you for being a partner on this journey.

IBM Cognitive T-Shirt Co. Pop-Up Shop

View the entire album by clicking   HERE  . 

View the entire album by clicking HERE

Soul & Ink worked closely with Drury Design and IBM to introduce IBM's Cognitive T-Shirt Co. pop-up shop. Their way of demonstrating what cognitive could mean in a true retail environment.

During the month of September, we traveled to Germany and New York for dmexco and Advertising Week to give users a chance to make a personalized t-shirt using Watson cognitive technology.

To start, users take a quiz with IBM Watson. Watson analyzes their social profiles and answers to thought provoking questions to match them to the best t-shirt design for their personality. The user then has a shirt live screen printed with the Watson recommended design.

The result is a data-driven use case to illustrate how a cognitive approach to marketing can visibly drive smarter business decisions over time.

Intrigued? Read more about the experience by clicking HERE.
This activation was also featured on IBM's Think Marketing blog and Adweek's Day 4 video.


KRU 2016: The Artist Collection

This Spring, we partnered with selected artists from DC & beyond on the curation of our first streetwear line, KRU 2016: The Artist Collection. We collaborated specifically with artists known for their strong, clean signature styles that we admire and respect for their art and the uplifting messages consistently expressed through it. The collection ended June 30th and was a success! Thanks to all the talented artists and change makers in our community that participated.

This huge push was a first for us on several fronts. It was our first time opening an online shop, a first time collaborating with 14 local & international artists. Our launch party was the first time we threw our own event and collaborated with local small businesses Nomad Yard and Jos. A. Magnus Distillery and musicians CMPVTR CLVB. Finally, the collaboration culminated in the collection being featured at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center in the Crosslines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality exhibit. More info on the collection below.

The moniker KRU is an alternative to the English word CREW, but beyond that and more importantly it is meant to pay homage to the spirit of the Liberian Kru people who vigilantly refused to be captured into slavery and have history in the DMV area - resisting settler's efforts to control their trade in Maryland. The Kru were known for their skills in navigating and sailing the Atlantic. Their history is one marked by a strong sense of ethnicity and resistance to occupation.

In the same vein, Soul & Ink considers all artists participating in this collection to be modern day rebels, renegades, and freedom fighters in their own right - adamantly dedicated to manifesting their own destiny, representing culture and freedom while blazing trails along the way. Together through this collection, we are able to represent and celebrate the myriad of subcultures and history of DC that makes it such a vibrant community today.

KRU 2016: The Artist Collection
Participating Artists

Adam Labuen

Bill Warrell


Graham Jackson


Kate Deciccio

Lisa Marie Thalhammer


Matt Corrado

Nightmare Mikey

Rose Jaffe

THANK YOU to those who came out & celebrated with us at our KRU 2016 Collection launch party! Special shout out to the illustrious Erika Layne Photography. View the photo album here. Read our announcement newsletter for the launch party here

CrossLines: A Culture Lab on Interectionality


We just wrapped an amazing groundbreaking event, CrossLines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality presented by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, over Memorial Day Weekend. We were invited along with 40 other artists to challenge issues such as race, gender, sexuality, and class to examine and reinvent our impact on history. Over 11,000 people attended the 2-day exhibit.

CrossLines raised the bar for cultural institutions to celebrate art in a way that is no longer dormant and hanging in museums, but rather as an immersive experience for many people creating a collective piece or a community even. Read more about what the curator Adriel Luis, the White House, our co-founder Sherry Meneses and other artists had to say about it. Plus more pics!

At #Crosslines, we shared our project, KRU 2016: The Artist Collection, featuring artists from DC & beyond. A collaborative tribute to culture, freedom, and artists who strive to not only satisfy their appetite for creative expression, but to also be the face of change while doing so. 


DJ Ayes Cold is blazing trails and pushing boundaries with her musical journey. Who else to represent our new streetwear line KRU 2016: The Artist Collection (and therefore DC artists at large) proper? Listen up here! Catch her rocking Soul & Ink limited edition #KRU2016 swag at these events this month:
4/30 Broccoli City - 12:50-1:50 - OLM Stage
5/7 U Street Funk Parade
5/28 Smithsonian APA CrossLines